3 Surprising Facts About Massage Therapy

Everybody knows that a great massage can lower your stress level and relax your whole body. However, there are many other benefits associated with massage that might surprise you. Check out these three quick facts and maybe you will decide that a visit to the LaVida Massage  should be in your near future.

It Can Help with Chronic Pain

While massage won't magically heal an injury like a cut or broken bone, it does help to relax and stimulate your muscles and nerves. Many people that suffer from chronic pain will experience relief from aching muscles and joints after a visit to their massage therapist. Through manipulation, muscles are allowed to relax and even remove pressure from nerves that might be affected by contracted muscles. Combined with exercise, many people enjoy a greater range of movement.

It Can Reduce Cellulite

Along with your healthy exercise and diet, a good massage brings fresh blood flow to the areas where cellulite has appeared, encouraging the tissues to relax and create a more toned and healthy look. Over time, the appearance of the cellulite can be diminished with repeated manipulation of the area followed by supportive exercises and loss of weight.

Helps to Support Your Immune System

A vigorous massage helps the activity level of your white blood cells to increase. This allows your body to fight off infections and viruses as your immune system is on the alert and ready to kick out disease. Studies have shown those who receive massages see an increase in their lymphocytes which are key in fighting off seasonal illnesses.

These are only a few of the benefits you can receive from a regular massage. You may also find relief from headaches, PMS, and enjoy a better night's sleep. Give your local center a call and schedule your session today.

To schedule your appointment with a certified professional, contact LaVida Massage of Canton, MI today.

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